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23-12-2019 :  Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
We wish you once again a merry Christmas and all the best for the new year! In 2019 we traveled with Susannes and Gerrys old motorhome to Scandinavia. Isalena got an apprenticeship. Christian and Fluppi celebrated their 50th birthday on the Rigi Staffel.
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24-12-2018 :  Merry Christmas an a happy new year
It's time again for a family review of the year! 2018 was the year after our big renovation and the professional anniversaries and has probably been a rather inconspicuous year.
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31-12-2017 :  Happy new year!
We wish you a happy new year. 2017 was a busy year. Nevertheless it was successful - not only in therms of work at the job, but also at home. We wish you all the best for the coming year.
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22-12-2015 :  Merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. 2015 was a good year. The most important reasons being our good health, happy and thriving kids, great friends and family, good jobs and educational development, fun renovating our lovely house, and lots of new adventures in Denmark and Sweden. That was the short version ;-) 
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A moment in the last winter at Obermutten in the eastern Swiss Alps.
14-10-2009 :  Family get-together in Isola, Italy

For Ursi's and Robert's birthdays we organized a family-weekend in Isola, Italy, with a “detour” to Chiavenna to Robert and Ursi's good friends Erika and Reto. See the pictures in the gallery.

07-06-2009 :  Spring at Stafel
The temperatures reached allmost summer values. We 've been in the nick of time - good weather and beautyful flowers. With this pictures we say thank you, Angela, Georg and Robi for the transport and the short visit.
15-03-2009 :  Into the white
After Pernille's corporate publisher exams, we needed to take a time out in a quiet place - as you can see here, Fluppi's mothers cottage is the right place to be!
10-12-2008 :  Happy Birthday Grandma!
We celebrated her 90. birthday last sunday in Thusis. Have a look at the pictures.
22-09-2008 :  Sri Lanka 2008
Our vacation photos are now online. Click here.
16-12-2007 : Merry Christmas!
We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
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01-07-2007 : Number 4 is here!
Mom, dad and Isalena proudly present you Nino. The baby and Pernille are fine. Have a look at Nino's Website.

03-02-2007 : Skibunny Isalena 
Mom and dad thought it was about time I learned to ski - have a look at my first successful attempt

18-01-2007 : Isalena is going to be a big sister!
We are happy to announce the coming arrival of a sister or brother end June 2007 - follow Number 4's journey in the pregnancy gallery.
17-01-2007 : Christmas / New Year in Graubünden
Heinzenberg and Stafel sunshine in the gallery.
06-01-2007 : Isalena's second year
Photo gallery of Isalena's Second year is complete!
06-01-2007 : Isalena's 2. birthday
A few photos from the two birthday parties with godfather, godmother, family, friends and kids.

01-01-2007 : Happy new year!
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