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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has become our second vacation destination, after - of course - Denmark. Christina, Fluppi's sister, moved to the country immediately after the tsunami hit just after Christmas 2004. She quit job and apartment in Zürich to join her boy friend, Duminda, in Unawatuna, close to Galle.

March 2006
In 2006 we decided to pay them a visit. Isalena was 16 months then. Couldn't walk when we arrived, but started to do so a few days after our arrival. We had a wonderful time, partly enjoying the hospitality of Christina and Duminda in their home and beautiful restaurant "Kingfisher" (now a very popular dine & chill place for expats and wealthier locals), partly travelling with private driver along the southern coast and central highlands. Definitely worth a re-visit!

Photos from our 2006-trip here.

July/August 2008
Christina and Duminda are not only still together in Unawatuna. In October 2007 they married. On 08.08.2008 they celebrated their wedding with a big party in a hotel close to Unawatuna. Friends and family from all of Sri Lanka and Switzerland were invited - included our little family. Definitely a good reason to fly around the world with two little kids!

This vacation was a bit different from the previous. We were now 4 - the trip was Nino's first overseas vacation. He was 13 month and didn't quite walk yet. Otherwise it was fine travelling with little ones. Most of the time we stayed in Unawatuna in a house owned by one of Christina's friends. Lovely! Again we went on a small trip along the southern coast and central highlands, but shorter this time (5 days). The absolute highlight of the trip was a visit to Horton Plains/Worlds end, a plateau in the central highlands - its vegetation and landscape so different from the rest of Sri Lanka. Isalena managed to walk most of the way (maybe app. 6 km), which was actually quite good for her age (3.5 yrs). The other highlight was, of course, Christina's and Duminda's wedding party. It was perfectly planned and very beautiful. And lasted till - well for a few days ...!

Photos from our 2008-trip here.

When will our next vacation destination be Sri Lanka? Who knows, but it will be sooner rather than later ...


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